Has anyone else ever looked up their house on Google Maps just for the novelty of seeing their home from above?

So much of what I do for my clients as a drone pilot is being able to show familiar places from an incredible new angle. It’s my job to make sure you just can’t look away.

Today I’m reflecting on a particularly unique project I completed for a client last year. This gentleman wanted to create a birthday gift for his wife that allowed her to experience some very familiar places in a brand-new way.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen a place a hundred, a thousand, or countless times. There’s always a way to surprise yourself (and your clients!) with a new perspective if you’re able to see a place from 200 feet in the air!

Check out the latest post on the Midlands Drone blog to see how we transform the familiar into the fantastic through drone photography.

How can drone photography transform the familiar into the fantastic?

Have you ever seen an aerial photograph of your home or neighbourhood? There’s a tremendous sense of fun and novelty in seeing something that’s so very familiar from a completely new angle.   As a drone pilot, I capture footage and photography that serve a wide variety of purposes. But one of the most enduring reasons boils down to the appeal of seeing something that you might’ve seen thousands of times before – a building, a place, or a neighbourhood – in a totally new way.   Whether to show off a location to the world, celebrate a milestone, or create an ingenious and highly personal gift, drone photography can transform the unremarkable into something special through film.   This was exactly what one of my recent clients had in mind for a very special project.

Capturing a lifetime during lockdown

Back in the summer of 2020, my client wanted to create an extra special gift for his wife’s birthday. With lockdown in full swing and everyone’s lives turned upside down, he wanted to do something unique for his wife since she wouldn’t be able to celebrate with friends and family. He imagined how he might take her on a journey back through time, visiting the places where she had grown up and lived throughout the years in and around the Staffordshire town of Leek. But how do you explore these deeply familiar places from a whole new angle? With Midlands Drone, we managed it by flying 200 feet overhead!

Birthday video created with professional drone photography

Every location captured represents an important chapter in the life of the recipient. After scouting out locations, Midlands Drone spent a day capturing the footage during a sunny day in June last year. Afterwards, the shots were carefully edited into a short film that takes the viewer on a journey. The final product was a professional, yet heartfelt video shot in crystal clear high definition, capturing locations that were special to the client. While the final product remains for the clients’ eyes only, they kindly allowed Midlands Drone to share their story and some of the shots taken on the day.

Marking important occasions with drone photography

There’s something undeniably appealing about seeing a familiar place from the air.

Unsurprisingly, it’s not just personal gifts that benefit from the power of seeing things from a new, sky-high angle.

For businesses or organisations who want to show themselves and their locations off in an exciting new way, a drone pilot can plan, shoot, and compile footage into a video that grabs people’s attention.

If you’re striking out and launching a new location, footage captured by a drone pilot can be a powerful marketing tool. For hotels, restaurants and recreational spaces who want to emphasise new outdoor dining facilities, this can be a great way to educate new customers.

Why stop at a quick pic of the “shopfront” taken with a mobile phone? Capitalise on the impact of a grand opening by capturing both the day and the new premises in a way that no one else has.

And finally, never underestimate the power of novelty and the appeal of seeing something from an exciting new angle.

Whether you’ve got a unique gift idea in mind, or you have something you need the whole world to know about, speak to Midlands Drone about creating a real impact through drone photography.