When looking for a drone photographer, there’s are few factors you need to consider to
ensure you choose the best organisation for the job.

So, where should you start when looking for a specialist aerial photographer? In this post,
we’ll be exploring how you can narrow down the field of options to identify professionals
that will best serve your needs.

Here are some common mistakes people make when searching for a drone pilot and aerial

Choosing a drone photographer based on cost alone

Cost is always going to be a factor when choosing a drone pilot but like any kind of service,
price needs to be measured against other factors or you risk being let down by the results
and out of pocket for future investments.

Everyone wants a good deal but unfortunately, a low cost may well yield a low quality
result. A drone pilot who’s offering a below market average price for their services may well

  • operating without a full drone license or possibly outside of legal Civil Aviation
  • relying on cheap or poor quality equipment, such as a drone without sufficient specs
    to capture high quality images or zoom in and out
  • unable to provide crystal clear HD video footage and professional editing services

Instead of focusing on cost alone, make sure you can see examples of the photographer’s
previous work and seek reassurance about their experience.

Failing to discuss safety measures for a drone photography project

If you are paying for a drone to fly over premises or a particular area as part of a commercial
or social project, you need to consider how safe this will be in practice.

It may be that the drone pilot will need to fly over a densely populated area, hover relatively
close to people, or operate in a constricted space. The safety implications of this must be
considered – the drone pilot needs to be able to manage any safety challenges during the
shoot and comply with any legal requirements.

If you’re hiring a drone pilot for a project where footage is being captured outside of private
property or airspace, it’s vital you discuss the safety implications with your pilot. If they’re a
legitimate, professional outfit, they will know the exact steps to take to ensure people are
safe and your project won’t be subject to financially damaging legal issues.

Forgetting to check the experience of the drone pilot

Hiring a drone pilot without checking their experience and reputation could prove to be a
costly mistake. When looking for a drone photographer you should look for someone with

strong experience in aerial technology – they should be aware of the latest drone models,
CAA regulations, techniques, and all other factors that could have an impact on the success
of the project.

Alongside having the logistical, legal knowledge of how drones should be used to avoid legal
issues, creative experience is equally important.

A drone pilot needs to be able to navigate from the air the landscape you’re capturing,
planning the right shots, identifying potential obstacles and overcoming any challenges.

An experienced pilot will know exactly how to communicate the mood, tone and message
you want to convey with your final video or images, as well as identifying and solving any
problems during the shoot itself.

Not considering a specialist drone photographer

A specialist drone photographer will know exactly what you need for your project, even if
you’re not sure yourself.

Aerial video has proved immensely popular in markets such as commercial and private
events, building and development, and property marketing. There are now drone
photographers out there like Midlands Drone who are specialists in each of these sectors.

For example, a specialist wedding photographer (whose camera equipment stays firmly on
the ground with them!) will have huge insight into what shots the happy couple really want
to see. A drone photographer who specialises in weddings will have equal insight into what
their clients want to see from the air.

Likewise for estate agents looking for a sweeping overview to demonstrate the size of a
property or to highlight a fantastic garden. They will want an experienced drone
photographer who knows the angles to look for, the shots to go for (and to avoid), and the
right editing in post-production to capture a property in its best light.

Overlooking local drone photographers

When photographing or filming a landscape, local knowledge can be invaluable.

Depending on where you’re based, the biggest organisations that offer drone photography
services may be coming from further afield. While securing the services of a bigger name
can feel safer, it’s well considering the expertise a local aerial photographer can bring.

They will know the ideal place to achieve the perfect shot and will be aware of any pitfalls
that may derail the shoot. Local knowledge is always a great asset to have, if you can.

As our name suggest, Midlands Drone are a Staffordshire based drone photography
business with experience of shooting across the West Midlands and beyond. While we
support clients across the UK, we aim to be the go-to choice for Midlands-based business.

Experienced drone photography in Staffordshire and beyond

Whatever your project, following the advice we’ve shared here should steer you in the right
direction when it comes to securing the very best drone photography talent.

Midlands Drone has worked across a range of industries to provide aerial photography
support, including:

– commercial and residential property footage for estate agents
aerial surveyance
– monitoring construction projects
wedding photography
– and event photography.

If you’d like to discuss an upcoming project or explore how we might be able to support you
with expert drone photography, please get in touch.