Is Hiring A Drone Pilot Worth It?

Using drones to capture spectacular aerial footage has brought exciting new value to lots of industries, but is hiring a drone pilot worth it when, technically, you could buy a drone and do it yourself?

Drones are a lot of fun (there’s a reason I’m a professional drone pilot!) and there are plenty of models out there that won’t break the bank. But with some sites requiring special licenses to fly overhead before you can even set foot below, there’s a lot to consider.

Should I hire a drone pilot to photograph my wedding or special event?

Weddings are an important milestone that many couples now want to capture from every angle. There are plenty of quality, affordable drones that work with your phone and give you decent results. If all you’re after is a quick overhead video to share on Instagram, hiring a drone pilot may not be worth it.

However, if you’re hiring a photographer for what’s going on at ground level, you’ll probably see the logic in hiring a professional to photograph your special day from above. We have all the right equipment, the shots will look epic, and the final product will be in glorious high definition.

Should I hire a drone pilot for aerial real estate photography?

Aerial photography is a fantastic way to show off your properties to potential buyers, allowing them to appreciate features like a nearby park or handy transport links.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to snap high-def, pixel-rich images with just any drone. You’ll need GPS and a specialist piece of equipment called a gimbal to stabilise the camera and bag those sky-high shots. For best results, hire a drone pilot with experience of real estate photography.

Should I hire a drone pilot to help my construction project?

Aerial monitoring and photography for construction allows site managers and planners to ensure that everything goes according to plan, providing crucial assessments in hard to reach areas. Understandably, this is high stakes work that requires experience and expertise. Plus, construction companies don’t allow visitors on-site without the necessary paperwork, licence and insurance.

Not only is a drone pilot essential for aerial surveying of construction sites, aerial surveillance protects the safety of staff on the ground and saves the project money by providing up to the minute information without halting progress.

Still not sure whether hiring a drone pilot is worth it for your project? Here’s an even simpler solution – get in touch with me and find out for certain.

I just might be able to take your project to new heights.