Have you ever considered looking at your property from a bird’s eye view?

While lots of people get a kick out of seeing their house on Google Map’s satellite images,
it’s not the only way folks can take advantage of the view from above.

From surveying a tough-to-reach area of a building let to selling a commercial property, a
view from above can give an immediate impression of the surrounding area from a totally
new perspective.

How will my business benefit from using drone photography?

The world of photography and videography has changed significantly with the introduction
of drones. With the help of drone photography specialists like Midlands Drone, businesses
and individuals can take advantage of the benefits of aerial images and video footage.

There are a wide range of commercial sectors where drone cameras are now used
extensively. When operated by experienced, professional drone pilots, drones can capture
footage and allow businesses to gain insights that would have otherwise been impossible
with conventional cameras.

Alongside assisting in surveyance projects and enabling the construction industry to safely
assess an active site
, drone photography is also a nifty way to show your customers new
angles that might affect their decision-making.

Using the latest high-definition equipment, drone pilots can provide the results you want to
get a complete, uninterrupted aerial view of a location.

Who is using drone photography?


High-quality, classy videos shot using premium drone photography equipment can provide
magnificent footage of your big day, including shots of the wedding location, decorations,
and guests.

As a wedding photography specialist, Midlands Drone will work with you to figure out what
kind of shots you’d like to have to remember forever.

And it’s not just big, aerial outside shots – we also use small discreet drones designed for
indoor use that are perfect for capturing special moments during the ceremony or the


Whether you are staging a large corporate event or hosting an important social occasion,
drone photography will capture the day perfectly.

High quality drones can fly high above the event venue to photograph a bird’s eye view of
the entire occasion and the location.

For commercial events, this can be an invaluable tool for future marketing, allowing folks to
see the scale and impact of the event and encourage future participation.

Commercial property and developments

Whether it’s a five-star resort, a newly-built residential property or a commercial
development site, drone videography ensures your customers are seeing it all from the best

For estate agents hoping to show off a property to its fullest advantage, drone photography
can immediately communicate the size, scope, and nearest amenities of a home.

With an experienced and creatively-minded drone photographer, you’ll receive images and
footage designed to engage your target audience by offering a unique view of the
commercial property or site.

The video sequences that we produce for our clients are also a great way to advertise your
business, document an ongoing development project, or promote a particular commercial

Construction site monitoring

For large construction sites, monitoring the development of a project and maintaining safety
across the site is a significant challenge.

Specialist, fully-licensed drone pilots can offer a solution using one or more drones to help
monitor the area and record progress. However, businesses need to ensure they’re turning
to reliable and fully trained pilots like Midlands Drone as pilots need special expertise to
carry out this kind of work.

When reliable and properly licensed drone pilots are on hand, they can survey and monitor
construction sites on a regular basis, giving you the feedback and reassurance that the
project is on track.

Commercial drone videography, Derby

Midlands Drone is an experienced and responsive drone photography and videography
business supporting a diverse range of clients and sectors.

With a flexible approach and commitment to quality, our drone pilots will be happy to help
your company reach new heights.

Contact Midlands Drone to discuss how we can help you to capture the aerial images that
you need to support your business.