At Midlands Drone, we provide high quality, state of the art drones which are subsequently ready for high resolution drone surveillance. To put it simply, drone surveillance is the metaphorical bread and butter of what we do. Therefore, we love to highlight the benefits of aerial surveying. 

Aerial filming and surveying has only really become popular in recent times. You can trace the invention of drones all the back to 1935. However, their popularity has only increased in recent times due to the fact that there has been a general change in attitude towards security and how we deal with it. 

While in the early days, drones attracted some controversy over privacy concerns, more and more people are becoming aware of multiple benefits of aerial filming. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the main advantages of aerial surveying. 

Improved Security

While this one might seem like a no brainer, using a drone for aerial surveillance drastically improves security on the surveyed region. Whether you are surveying an sporting event, a concert or another event of varying sizes, the aerial photography will provide a strong peace of mind regarding the overall security of the event.

Better Overall Vision 

As previously alluded to, drone filming services provide much fuller and better overall vision of a watched area. The aerial view provided by drone piloting is usually all accompanying. This rings especially true if the surveying equipment is of high resolution and provides a panoramic view. 

Helping to Save You Money

When thinking of advantages of using drones, helping to save you money might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, with aerial filming, you can do just that. Firstly, inspections are usually cheaper when using a drone. 

Additionally, aerial surveying can help you to save money by allowing you greater control over your events security. As such, less security is required on the ground meaning you can make savings when needed. 

Drone Can Be Used In Selective Manner

Just because you can use a drone for your aerial surveillance and filing does not mean you have to. Contrary to popular belief, the drone does not have to be up in the air patrolling the sky all the time. The drone can go a spontaneous patrol, or moreover, it can only take flight at certain requested times. 

Drone Can Be Fun

To put simply, drones can be fun. Many drone operators cite one of their favourite parts of the job as being able to fly the drone around. 

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