The use of drones for special event coverage has been in high market demand. It is one of the hottest tech trends which people can utilise in different creative ways. From indoor conferences to outdoor festivals, drones are the best means to capture entertainment and render advanced security.   

The list of using drone pilots in Derby go on since it can conveniently fit every occasion and event without hassle. You should consult the aerial photography and filming specialists who operate the drones at various locations. This way, they provide images and videos as per client requirements.  

Using Drone Pilots at Events  


Drones can take amazing aerial photos of the event. It can capture aerial shots of the event as per your preferences. The operators will take photos of the venue before and after the event, in full swing. You can later utilise these 360-degree bird’s eye view images for marketing purposes. You can give these photos on social media for your blog or company newsletter. Hence it makes for an effective form of social media marketing for the event as well.   

With drone photos, you can get aerial shots of the event, the decorations and staging and how the entire event when filled with an audience. This is why most companies hire drone pilots to cover annual events and trade shows. You can also hire them for personal use, like a family gathering or any occasion.  


The drone pilots capture extraordinary video footage of the concerned event. So, if continuous images/photos feel slightly immersive, these videos are the perfect specimens to use. Drones follow all-over video coverage and take footage from the entire event. It covers all parts and corners; hence it is perfect for event planning. 

Drone pilots are extremely useful for location scouting. It will capture a picture of the entire site, even areas challenging to check or photograph. Besides, drones are also useful for mapping event locations. They have functional features to help with site surveys, take 2D and 3D maps etc. All this saves a lot of time and effort. 


Nowadays, live streaming of events has become a popular option. Drone pilots majorly do it. The equipment takes a full 360 view coverage of the entire event, including photos and videos. They move around effortlessly, at a high altitude, without disrupting the event at all. Hence, most companies utilise it for live streaming artist performances, backstage tours etc.  

Event companies use drone systems to reveal exciting announcements. They are utilised for evaluating the progress of the event and taking care of the security aspect.    


Drones operate like mobile security cameras. They are most helpful to conduct surveys at construction sites. The drone will give you a bird’s eye view of the entire location so you can make improved decisions. You can get aerial filing services for both private and commercial site inspections.  

Drones function as a strong system for security surveillance. The collected footage is sent back to the client. This is how the companies cater to the needs of the real estate businesses construction businesses for aerial surveying of location sites.

There is no doubt that drone pilots render high performance and efficiency concerning aerial photography and videography. Consult the experts at Midlands Drone for further details.