Capturing footage from the air brings an exciting new dimension to any video or selection of images and thanks to drone photography, more businesses can take advantage of dynamic aerial shots. Affordable and accessible, drone photography and videography can elevate your final results. Whether you’re capturing footage of a commercial property you’re hoping to sell or improving your surveyance services by providing high-def images of hard-to-reach place, drone photography can be a huge boon to any business. There are many benefits to hiring a professional drone pilot, especially if you’re hoping to achieve superior results when compared to making the best of amateur drone technology. Check out some of the top reasons below or explore the Midlands Drone blog for more insight.

Capture a unique view with aerial photography

An aerial view of any location – whether it’s a commercial property or a wedding – is a striking change of our usual perspective. While it sounds obvious, we’re used to seeing (and photographing) everything from ground-level. If you’re trying to impress the viewer or encourage them to consider something from a new perspective, showing them the location or subject from above can really grab their attention. While drone photography is growing in popularity, in some sectors it’s not necessarily commonplace. Drone photography can be a great tool for businesses hoping to show something off from a new angle, such as an estate agents emphasising the size and location of a property for sale. It’s not just about promoting businesses either. A sweeping aerial shot or video could be the icing on the cake for a wedding album, with drone wedding photography offering a magical perspective to a very special day.

Increased safety for aerial pictures

Technology has made it easier to access and monitor difficult to reach areas – mostly through drone photography. Getting a fantastic view from above no longer requires the use of a helicopter, painstakingly constructed scaffolding, or a perilous scramble up a skyscraper. Carefully controlled, technologically advanced photography drones can be used remotely to capture clear, high quality aerial photographs and videos. Thanks to this technology, buildings can now be surveyed without the risk of damage to people or property. Unobtrusive, low-level and accurate drone photography has been a game-changing for the construction industry. If your business involves surveying landscapes or buildings, drone photography could save you time, money and resources.

Overcome obstacles to get the photograph you want

When photographing a wedding, important event or commercial project, it’s not uncommon to encounter access issues where certain obstacles can make the job almost physically impossible. Machinery, excess traffic, people and residential areas, excess noise and safety hazards can all disrupt photoshoots from the ground. If you’ve hired a videography and/or equipment for a limited time, a delayed shoot could result in huge costs to your business. When using a drone photography service, these issues can be more easily avoided. The drone pilot can access a clear view of the subject simply by rising above any ground-level obstacles. While this doesn’t always solve your problem, having a drone pilot as part of your project ensures that you are more likely to capture flawless, uninterrupted footage.

Quality aerial images, Staffordshire

While drones continue to increase in popularity, obtaining quality images requires experience and high-end equipment. Images need to be captured when the drone is flown smooth and with optimum stability to ensure the quality. Likewise, the pilot needs to have total control over the drone to ensure the photograph or video is clear and the flight itself remains safe. Specialist drone pilots will use high-end equipment to achieve the best results for aerial photography and videography. Through experience, professional drone photographers will also understand what’s needed to get the best shot and how the weather may affect aerial images. For quality aerial photography that’s captured to your exact specifications, speak to Midlands Drone. We are specialist drone photographers, capturing aerial footage for both commercial and private projects across the UK.