One of the many services we offer at Midlands Drone is our all encompassing aerial photography service. If you are unaware as to what aerial photography is, the practise is quite simple. To put it simply, aerial photography is the practise of capturing a picture, or sometimes film, from a bird’s eye-view. 

Aerial filming, or photography, has many different benefits. Because of this, many different industries take advantage of it. In addition too just landscaping and producing generally aesthetically pleasing photographs, aerial photography has multiple commercial benefits. 

While the practise can be enacted through use of helicopters and aeroplanes, as you might have guessed, at Midlands drone, we offer the service using one of our state of art drones. 

Because there are so many different industries which use aerial photography, we thought why not break down some of the industries which use it and how they use it. 

The Property Industry

One industry that might surprise you to learn that uses the aerial photography system is property business. When trying to sell a property, the selling agent will need to acquire a sufficient amount of aesthetically pleasing pictures. Afterall, this will be one of the ways you sell the property. 

One way to do this is by producing beautiful aerial shots of your property to make the premise appear more grand and luxurious. Drone photography is not just used to take pictures of the finished property to generate sales. Drone photography can be to showcase entire property development areas to showcase the development on a grander scale. 


The tourism industry expands the entire globe and brings in a significant amount of commercial revenue. However, I bet you did not know that drone photography can be very helpful in the tourism industry. 

Aerial photography can be used to take landscaped pictures of coastlines, castles, city centres and many more in order to showcase the expertise of a certain destination. The pictures or film taken are either used on tourism brochures or promotional videos which try to encourage people to visit a certain place. 

Film and Television

Maybe slightly less surprising compared to the filming the tourism and property selling industry, film and television can benefit from aerial filming in particular. 

When producing certain media content such as film, aerial shots might be required. Drone filming is a fantastic easy way to do this. Some of the films and television that may require drone filming include travel documentaries, blockbuster films and even live sporting events. 


In construction or in the general buildings and structures industry, there will need to be ways to show off the incredible finished product. A helpful way of doing this is by using aerial photography. 

Architecture, archaeological and geological projects usually require high quality photographs to showcase the finished product and drone photography is arguably the best way to do this. 

Furthermore, when you take advantage of aerial filming in the construction industry, you may be able to produce a time lapse video. Many construction companies enjoy these videos expertly detailing the discourse of the project. 

We Provide High Quality Aerial Photography

If you work in one of these industries and require aerial photography, or any other industry for that matter, please contact us. We stock a wide range of top quality drone cameras with sufficient flight time. So why not contact one of our drone photographers today?