The drone has brought a revolution in the way an equipment is used to capture and share moments. Even a few years ago, people looking for aerial photography had to hire a helicopter or plane. It means that you have to spend a few hundred dollars to get an aerial perspective of an event or property. With the invention of drone technology, getting high-definition footage of a special event has become easier. There are numerous companies offering drone services in Derby, so you can choose one offering it at a price that suits your budget.

Few Occasions For Which You Can Hire A Drone Pilot in Derby


Most wedding photographers and videographers use drone services to fulfil their client’s wish of making a fantastic wedding video. It is used to capture some beautiful images and videos of the wedding venue before guests and couples arrive. You can explore your creative side while filming the reception party. You can also highlight the best aspects of your d-day by setting up the videographer and drone at the right place.

Festival And Concerts

An easy way to create great marketing and event recap videos is through drone footage. If you want a big event like a festival or concert to run smoothly, make sure you do a lot of planning. Drone photography is a commonly used tool to avoid the hard work that most people fail to notice. Event planners generally rely on aerial views to highlight event locations and their setup.


You can capture amazing moments of any special event by hiring a drone pilot in Derby. Click plenty of pictures and videos of the party you are hosting and get some memories you can cherish for the rest of your life.  You might have to pay a higher price if you are looking for ground production as well.

Since you can hire a drone pilot for all the occasions stated above, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at Midlands Drone.